Nichols Ultrawing

The Ultrawing sweep, exclusively from Nichols, is the highest-qualtiy, longest-lasting, and best-performing sweep on the market. With a longer nose, curved convex wings, and an optimal crown configuration, the sweep anticipates wear. The unique, patented Ultrawing design maintains the sweep's shape over time, resulting in a significantly longer life of the piece.


The nose of the Ultrawing is elongated for better penetration, and to also ensure the tip stays sharp for as long as the sweep is used. With standard sweeps, there is a tendency for the nose to demonstrate a rounded effect during wear, which decreases the penetrating effect of the sweep because the rounded nose presents a blunt, frontal edge. This results in more drag and less penetration. Thanks to the optimal crown configuration with the Ultrawing sweep, this issue will never present itself.


The Ultrawing's optimal crown configuration is an important factor in the sweep's design that assists in maintaining the original shape of the piece's entire edge throughout the life of the sweep. With standard conventional sweeps, whose crown cross-section resembles that of an 'A', the sweep is soon worn down to a dull, rounded piece of steel. In the case of the elevated ridge, there is an appearance of a sharper nose on the sweep when viewed from above. Observation from the side, however, reveals that the nose is actually above the sweep's wings and provides little penetrating ability. There have even been instances in which this elevated ridge has worn in such a way as to leave a 'double nose', which acts as a catcher of residue that causes a ball-up of trash. Once again, something the Ultrawing sweep is designed to never do.


The curved wings of the Ultrawing sweep converge at the crown at an optimum angle, elevating the crown for the most efficient wear. Acting like an old scythe, the curvature of the wings provide extra weed killing ability by preventing the weeds from sliding off the ends of the sweep, which is often the case with a standard conventional sweep, leaving partially severed roots. In addition to the wings being curved, they also have a convex surface, which turns the sweep's leading edge downward to provide an increased angle of presentation to the soil. The convex surface also results in a stiffening effect to the wings, in addition to passing soil smoothly over the convex surface without excessively lifting the soil. For even more strength, the neck of the Ultrawing of the sweep where the stem and wings intersect. This crimped area also helps separate the soil away from the bolt heads.

All of these features combined are what sets the Ultrawing sweep apart from any other sweep on the international market. By the time the sweep is ready to retire, the shape is identical to that of a new, unused standard conventional sweep. Only from Nichols, the patented Ultrawing sweep is available for a multitude of applications in several different sizes.

"Ultrawing" is a copywritten trademark owned by Nichols Tillage Tools, Inc.
The Ultrawing sweep design is patented:
US Patent 4,787,462 - Canadian Patent 1,334,352 - Australian Patent 587,735